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22 August 2009


If there was ever an individual who epitomized the phrase “Self made Man”, Walter Musciano is that person.   Walt credits his passion for modeling as a major factor in overcoming obstacles that would have stopped a lesser man.   For over 80 years, he has designed and built model aircraft of all types.   Fortunately for the rest of us, he has shared his expertise with the model aviation community for the past 6 decades.   One of Walt’s great achievements was his series of “Table Top Models”.   These affordable designs were simple to build and fly, and brought control line flying to the multitudes.   If you were a model builder in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, you knew these designs as the famous Scientific ‘hollow log’ series of planes.

The 2009 Michigan Musciano Fun Fly was again held at the beautiful Kalamazoo Smoke Rings flying site, which is adjacent to the famous Air Zoo aviation museum.   A newly added concrete flying circle added to on-site sanitary facilities and large covered patio always make coming to K-zoo a pleasure.   A scale judging competition was tested this year, which brought the total number of events to six.   The attendance was down somewhat from previous years reflecting the larger number of control line contests vying for the limited number of summer weekends in the Great Lakes State.   The Craftsmanship judging was an all Golden Hawk affair with Rich Kacmarsky, Frank Carlisle, and Tom Kasinec finishing first, second, and third.   Proto Speed saw the lead swapped several times as speeds improved throughout the day.   When it was done, Rich Kacmarsky squeaked out a win over second place Al Rohrstaff with Mickey Trimner placing third.   The Rat Race always seems to feature an intriguing combination of planes, pilots, and luck.   The Pilot/Pitman combination of Rich Kacmarsky and Frank Carlisle flew to victory only because the Tom Kasinec / Al Rohrstaff got such great fuel mileage, they didn’t run out of gas until the winners had completed their required laps and mandatory pit stop.   The team of Leroy Heikes and Joe Kresnak rounded out the top three.   Some impressive aerobatics put Al Rohrstaff at the top of the list in Stunt with Tom Kasinec taking second.   The Musciano Unlimited is an event that allows any design of any size, as long as Walt Musciano originally created it.   Frank Carlisle took a well-deserved first place with his Giant Golden Hawk, which is the big brother of the Golden hawk he used to place second in the Concours competition.   Rich Kacmarsky’s Giant Stuntmaster took runner-up in this 2-plane event.   An extra feature of the 2009 Michigan contest were demonstration flights by kids who had built and learned to fly contol line planes the week before at the Air Zoo camp.   As the clouds rolled in, certificates signed by Walt Musciano were awarded to the competitors.   After the usual chat about things aviation, everyone packed up and went home thinking of the planes they will bring to the 2010 contest.

Modified Stunt Results   •  Slow Rat Race Results   •   Proto Speed Results
Craftsmanship / Appearance Results   •   Musciano Unlimited   •   Sportsmanship Award
Junior Participants  •   Photo Gallery  •   Acknowledgements

Modified Stunt

1st - Al Rohrstaff
2nd - Tom Kasinec

Slow Rat Race

1st - Rich Kacmarsky / Frank Carlisle
2nd - Tom Kasinec / Al Rohrstaff
3rd - Leroy Heikes / Joe Kresnak

Proto Speed

1st - Rich Kacmarsky
2nd - Al Rorhstaff
3rd - Mickey Trimner


1st - Rich Kacmarsky
2nd - Frank Carlisle
3rd - Tom Kasinec

Musciano Unlimited

1st - Frank Carlisle
2nd - Rich Kacmarsky


Rich Kacmarsky

Photo Gallery

A good crowd gathered despite threatening weather

Attendees look over the impressive lineup of planes

Al Rorhstaff preps his Red Flash while Frank Carlisle looks on

Some of the judges look on

Frank Carlisle brought an impressive collection of planes

Some of Rich Kacmarsky's creations

Frank's Giant Golden Hawk won the Unlimited and his normal size version placed 2nd in Craftsmanship

The Kalamazoo Club built a state-of-the-art circle

Half A competition at its best

Tom Alberty's beautiful profile wasn't flown in competetion - but it was a masterpiece

A Combat master ready for flight

Numerous planes were flown in competition

Part of Rich Kacmarsky's collection of 1/2A planes

Frank Carlisle's Golden Hawks - A popular design for 50 years!

Two winning birds

Lots of fun in small packages

Planes awaiting their turn in the pits

A portion of the busy pit area

Tom Kasenic's Golden hawks

The winner of the Craftsmanship award

Each participant received a custom decal courtesy of Frank Carlisle - Walter received one too!

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Once again a big THANK YOU is in order to all who made this great day of flying and fellowship a realilty.   For the FOURTH year, Contest Director Leroy Heikes provioded a great flying site that featured a beautiful concrete flying circle, great food, and sanitary facilities.   He also co-ordinated the promotion of the event in cooperation with the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo.

Frank Carlisle was on the ball getting the word out about the contest around the State.   He also actively participated in this great event.

The family and friends of the Kalamazoo Smoke Rings club kept the participants fed and happy.   Their support is greatly appreciated!

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(Edited by: Rich Kacmarsky (February 2010)