Lansing Area Flying Aces member Tim Nickless has been around control line aircraft for many years.   How many years is unknown, however it is rumored that his first plane had a Fox XXXV on the nose.   His expertise with all aspects of construction, flying, and especially engine work are well known.   In order to share this knowledge, Tim has dug into the vast collection of notes and articles he has gathered over the years.   These are presented here for your information.   ENJOY !

Glowplugs is a thorough review of proper glow plug selection

Duke's Mixture is an excellent discussion of model airplane fuel by the famous engine manufacturer Duke Fox

Fuel Soaked Wood is a tip on removing the fuel from the sodden nose of that plane

Needle Valve Installation is a tip on correctly installing the needle valve body in that engine from none other than George Aldrich

Quick Finish describes a technique to obtain a killer finish in half the time and with half the effort

Kim Kramar provides some great information on propellers